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In 1976, Nick, Linda, Bob and Ernie reunited as The Sahdes of Blue, and during their short time back together, recorded nearly an album's worth of brand new material. Unjustly, the songs were never released.

Nick Marinelli is still active in music. Currently, he is putting the finishing touches on a solo album of "Positive Country" songs, using the name Nick Alan. The solo album is appropriately titled "Out of the Blue" and includes a "Christian-flavored" reworking of "Oh How Happy." Linda Allen, Bob Kerr and Ernie Dernai still live in the Detroit area, but are no longer in the music business.

The Shades of Blue created a sound and style that remains as timeless today as it was thirty years ago. Each song evoked a sublime sense of happiness and honesty that only The Shades themselves were capable of delivering. But then again, "Happiness" is what the Shades of Blue were all about.

Jerry Schollenberger, Oct. 1996


After over 40 years of entertainment, Nick Marinelli has continued performing as the Shades of Blue, working with different back-up personnel and styles of music from his R&B roots to country and contemporary Christian music. Most recently, his back-up consisted of a group formally known as the "Valadiers." Stuart Avig, the original lead singer, along with members of various other groups, performed as the Shades of Blue until August of '09. As things go in the field of entertainment, changes are a constant and ongoing thing, and as such, in 2010, Nick Marinelli's Shades of Blue will continue to perform great music.